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After my lunch, I looked out the window and decided it was too nice of a day not to have a quick steaming.
It was -5ºC and I had already cleaned off the track after the last dump of snow.
A couple of switches were frozen the 'wrong way' but the hot air gun sorted that out.
The Canadian Pacific mikado was readied in the warmth of the workshop with fuel, oil and water, before being carried outside.
I started with just five coaches to check the track, and as that was fine I added the extra five and my camera flat car.
After an hour as it ran out of fuel, I had had enough so called it a day, but it was great fun.
I think that I prefer the summer warmth though, and looking forward to many steamups during 2022.
Happy New Year all,
David Leech, Delta, Canada

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Magnificent David, the steady exhaust beat and the long train in the snow is just what I imagine a Canadian train should look like. The struggle at the end running slow was a delight and compared to the hot 38 C temperature here in Melbourne Australia quite a sight to see your snow.
Happy New Year to you
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