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Kevin, from your comment, are you considering a live-steam project?

I need to get to work on another live steam project, but to be honest, I'm rather bored with the Roundhouse and Ruby-based bashes. I've done two of each, and need to sink my teeth into something larger. I was very close to getting an Accucraft Mogul when they announced the EBT mikado, so that pretty much stopped all new live steam purchases for the time being. I haven't brought myself to sell my RH 0-4-0 rebuild, but if the right opportunity for a trade came along, I'd consider it... I'd love to find a C-16 or C-19 boiler and chassis and build something up from there.

Another project I'm tossing around is taking RH's "Sammie" 0-4-0 and detailing it, based on EBT's "Dinkey". This would be for the BF subsidiary Otter Creek Brickworks line.

I did something like that with a Creekside Baldwin a while back. It was almost a perfect candidate. The Sammy would be similarly well suited.

Do you have any info/photos of the 0-4-0s used by Harbison-Walker in their firebrick operation? On pg 75 of Rainey & Kyper's book, one is shown with an open cab and another with a conventional one.

I wish I did. I've got photos of some of H-W's other locos; a smart-looking 0-6-0 and a small 0-4-0 diesel, but nothing on their porter-esque locos shown in that photo. That's been another "it'd be cool if" projects, but I have to get back in the mood to work on a small steamer, and the mojo just isn't there for that.


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