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Knox and Kane RR Auction

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The Knox and Kane RR auctioned off their equipment last weekend; does anyone know who bought the locomotives? Particularly H&BTM #38?
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From a friend who was there:

The Valley Railroad in Essex, CT got the SY, rumor is price was around $100,000.00

The Everett Railroad is said to have got the H&BT #38 for around $68,000.00.

The GP-9 went to "Georges Creek RR" for around $35,000.00

The rest was reportedly sold for scrap, cars, jordan spreader, etc.

Also see: http://theenginehouse.blogspot.com/

Matthew (OV)
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check here:


for details.

38, which once operated on the Livonia, Avon & Lakeville, was bought by Alan Maples, and will go to the Everett Railroad in PA.

which also has the former Bath & Hammondsport 11 on the property! :)

and today, coincidentally, the B&H is run by the LAL!

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Wow...small world, isn't it? Sort of 'six degrees of separation'. Nice that the old 38 will be preserved near to it's railroad of origin...real coincidence about the Bath and Hammondsport engine!
Wife noticed the announcement in our local paper and wondered if I wanted to go....I felt it would be too sad.

I thought it was interesting that the Valley RR bought the 58. Valley bought a Chines SY new in 1989, and it was built at the same time as the #58. Valley ran their 1647M until 1992 when it was sold to the Susquehanna after their own Chinese loco was sunk in a cyclone on its way to the US. Now, Valley is once again the owner of a Chinese SY 2-8-2! And 1647M is still running, but it is now called Susquehanna 142. It almost makes one wonder if those two steamers will be teamed up in the future, given their relatively close proximity. Either way, I was glad to see that the steam engines did not end up in the hands of the scrappers.

Somewhere I have an old newspaper photo of the two together on the pier just after unloading ... I'll see if I can dig it up.

Matthew (OV)
VRR purchased theirs to allow #97 to be heavily shopped. They are expecting the SY to be ready next summer. That will keep their rotation of 2 engines up and running.


Somewhere I have my commemorative ticket from the first day of revenue running in April of 1990. I think we were on the second train of the day. I remember it was really exciting.


From what I read, the 97 and the 40 both have big shopping in the next few years. The 58 will be available to cover them. It will be interesting to see how much they modify the 58. I was watching an old Valley RR video (from the mid 90s) and they showed the 1647M during its operational days at the Valley and then as 142. Some of the piping had been removed and it had a much cleaner looking boiler, from a piping point of view. I wonder if the K&K had replaced all those left handed threads as well.
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