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Keystone/Buddy L 2-6-2 driver diameter

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Hello fellows,

Just curious if anyone happens to have one of these buggers (seems to be marketed under half a million brands):

I'm still on the hunt for some proper diameter drivers for one of my scratchbuilds, and I think this just might fit the bill, though I'm not particularly keen on plopping down near $100 for something that might not work out.

That said, would anyone here happen to have one here? If so, might I trouble them to measure the drivers, both at the flange and railhead contact point? Would certainly make my life a bit easier :D

Take care,

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Hi Kurt, I have one very similar, if not identical, costing about $100. Tread diameter is 2.010", flange diameter 2.184", and unflanged middle driver is 1.987". I bought it for potential kitbash but have only taken it apart.
I just paint it myself. I dont like mix color of red,green,brass it bug me to see this.

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Interesting - this would put the Buddy's driver diameter roughly the same as - if not slightly larger then - the Bachmann Big Hauler.

I've since ordered a parts Big Hauler in the meantime, but if worse comes to worse, I might go for one of these little buggers.

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