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keeping company with other clubs

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This weekend was busy and fun. Our RCRR club had a meeting at Ed/Carols, tttn off to a mixed scale train show. Sunday Buuba and I + wives headed to Mike and Renees Kidmans to visit his GRR and see what he has added as way of shop and store.

Its good to keep up with others in other clubs and see whats happen in the hobby all over.

Mike wanted to get trains out and run them for us but we told him its just to cold.

And yes you can call ahead and visit them most any time.

They did all the finish work themselves and I was very impressed.

feels like Christmas all over again

Now I did not take a photo of the new shop, it was so bright and clean and the prettyand the yellow walls just touched my heart.
sorry Mike..

what a fun place to visit and good friends.
just north of Des Moines Iowa.
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This past November when I was taking part in Ric Golding's fall ops session, I made my way as far west as Des Moines stopping in at Kidmans. The shop was under construction but Mike graciously took the time to show me his railroad and his shop explaining the improvements he was making. For anyone in the central great plains area, Kidmans is well worth the visit!

Regards ... Doug
Thanks Marty, Carrie, Bubba & Carolyn for coming over from the Omaha area for a visit. It was great to see you all and spend the cold winter afternoon visiting and talking trains. I'm glad Carrie was able to take a liitle time from work and get away, even if it wasn't that far away. Fred L. and Ethel H. from our DM club joined us for lunch and conversation. What a great afternoon sharing train tales and thinking back about where we all have come with our trains over the years. Thanks again for the visit and chips and pie and purchases!! We're just minutes from I-35/80, so give us a call and come visit any time of the year, we'd love to have you, visit our train shop and talk and run trains in either our indoor or outdoor layouts. We'll see you all at the Nat'l Mtg. in Denver, the River City Mtg. in August at our place and at Marty's in September. Mike & Renee
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Looks like the next time I head to Ames I will need to stop and check you all out. Nice to see a large scale store in that part of Iowa. Later RJD
Marty, thanks for posting the pix of Mike's store/layout. Good to see where I order most of my stuff from. Mike does a good email business also. Good folks to deal with.
Thanks Jerry, it seems we exchange email often but we don't get to see you very often.
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