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I thought that as well. I spent eight years building a railway using Aristo. I even bought a bunch of Aristo couplers from members here just to put on cars and locomotives from other makers.

Eventually I had 40+ cars that I really used and 6 or 8 engines that spent a lot of time on the track (and not on a shelf somewhere) and I really hated the Aristocraft couplers. Not only did I find they looked bad, they didn't really work that well. USAT couplers worked better and I actually had a lot more USAT cars.

So I broke down and invested $1000.00 in Kadee couplers. I used 930's everywhere and bought the correct conversions for every engine I owned. Yes, I could have used a smaller variety but these are excellent and well worth the two weeks it took to make the fleet change.

Buy Kadee while your still getting started.

1 - 1 of 76 Posts
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