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Kadee Couplers vs. Aristocraft

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If I don't care that much about remote switching (and I don't), is there any good reason why I can't stay with Aristocraft couplers on my locomotive and cars? I really like to just watch the train go around and around. Will the gods of G scale visit me with a plague of mutant moles for taking the esay way out?

RB Whale
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Posted By W3NZL on 11/10/2008 7:04 AM

Could it be that Kadee's patents
R expiring on their LS couplers, and we'll soon see a flood of Kadee compatible
look-a-likes from the mfgrs and the aftermarket ???
The sooner
the better as far as I'm concerned...
Paul R...


You may know about the new "Kuppler" that Aristo will be introducing in the near future. I, for one, am very interested in its appearance and it will be interesting to get to know how well it works. You guys Stateside will probably have given your verdict before it hits my shores.

I stick to Bachmann, on my Big Hauler stock and Aristo on Aristo stock, Issues are rare - usually operator generated!
The replacement of couplers has had a low priority on my RR.
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