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Kadee Couplers vs. Aristocraft

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If I don't care that much about remote switching (and I don't), is there any good reason why I can't stay with Aristocraft couplers on my locomotive and cars? I really like to just watch the train go around and around. Will the gods of G scale visit me with a plague of mutant moles for taking the esay way out?

RB Whale
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having come from smaller scales the Kadee is it for me .......

the video is good but on manual uncoupling rather then lifting the car I use a long reach flat blade screwdriver ... you just stick it in the center between the to couplers and give it a twist and they pop apart with out the car ever leaving the rail or touching anything but the screwdriver .... so you can spot a car anywhere you can reach.....
I have had the lgb ones on a layout outside for 18 years and they still work .... if you get the dirt out of them ....

I would rather have the dcc trigger the coupler on the loco then a part on the track
they are electric ....... If I was to mount any again I would put a paver or something to help keep the dirt out as they get jamed up easy ....

ya at 20 to 30 dollars a coupler you need to pick what is going to get them ....... but then I have loads of fun with my RDC that I added a automatic coupler to drop a mail car ..... and it worked well even if it is a little hoky setup ..... of course then we will need brakes on the cars so we can cut them on a grade
MTH listed one also at one point but never made any ........

had not heard about kadee but a prototype is not a product I can buy and put on .........and it could be years or never depending on intrest

you can use a lionel electrocoupler if you are doing number one couplers from kadee as they hook right up but if you run a big coupler like I do you have to modify them to make them couple ......

or you can rig something to a LGB or Accucraft coupler to trip it Like I did on my rdc
1 - 4 of 76 Posts
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