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I just got done running trains on a friends layout today. We had a good time but i must say that the aristo couplers failed miserably. We were running a large consist (over 30). The cars couldn't make it around the layout once without an aristo coupler coming undone. The ones that didn't were permanently fixed closed or coupled together with zip ties.. My kadees worked flawlessly. The average kadee set is $5.88 from Ridge Road station. To me, to have rolling stock work and not have coupler failure, thats a small price to pay. Truck mount conversion takes about five minutes and that includes a two minute break. Body mount can be more in depth, but i have rarely had one take more than twenty minutes. You also don't have to do them all at once. If you already have the cars buy a few when you have some money. Convert one end of a car so it will have your aristo coupler on one end and a kadee on the other that way you can use both couplers. If you got into switching that would be a problem but if you just want to run trains it works fine.

1 - 1 of 76 Posts
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