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I stayed with Aristo couplers for these reasons:
75% of my rolling stock and locos is Aristo. Therefore, I only have to buy couplers for 25% of my purchases.
75% of my purchases can be put on the track added to a train and ran, right out of the box. No mods needed before running.
Enough people switch to KDs that with a little searching you can find Aristo couplers at $2/coupler. Pretty cheap.

If I decided to start out with or switch to KD couplers:
I would be buying couplers for every piece of equipment I own.
Nothing would run out of the box. Would need to modify every piece of equipment.
Then you need to decide whether to truck mount, body mount, are your track curves broad enough to body mount? A lot of choices need to be made.
KDs run $6 to $8/pr.

Operationaly, Aristo couplers do have a couple of problems. Some are made weak and pull apart without opening up. When you find a coupler that does this, either move it to a car that will never have alot of cars behind it or trash it. I put my weak couplers on Eggliners, cabooses, etc.
The other issue with Aristo couplers is they stay coupled during derailments. If one car goes on it's side, all the cars will be pulled over. I understand that KDs do not do this.

What is the worst case scenario if you stay with AC couplers? You change your mind down the road and have to pony up $400 bucks to switch 50 pieces of equipment.
What is the worst case scenario if you go with KDs? You will forever be modifying your equipment before using it.
1 - 1 of 76 Posts
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