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Kadee Couplers vs. Aristocraft

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If I don't care that much about remote switching (and I don't), is there any good reason why I can't stay with Aristocraft couplers on my locomotive and cars? I really like to just watch the train go around and around. Will the gods of G scale visit me with a plague of mutant moles for taking the esay way out?

RB Whale
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I have had no problem with Aristo knuckles. I also like LGB's knuckles, but they are hard to find now. The only experience I had with Kadee couplers on my railroad showed me that unless I wanted to rebuild the whole thing, I should stick with what works for me. Truck mounted, oversize knuckles. Not impressed with the USA knuckles, had a pair of USA 44 tonners keep separating when trying to handle a long train.
1 - 1 of 76 Posts
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