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Kadee Couplers vs. Aristocraft

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If I don't care that much about remote switching (and I don't), is there any good reason why I can't stay with Aristocraft couplers on my locomotive and cars? I really like to just watch the train go around and around. Will the gods of G scale visit me with a plague of mutant moles for taking the esay way out?

RB Whale
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While I and others consider Kadee's to be the best, they do have one small issue.

If not body mounted, they will come apart on uneven track due to the trucks making the coupler flex up and down.

If body mounted, this just can not happen.

Unfortunately on some engines this will require hacking of the body to get the coupler mounted properly.
I have no experience with uncoupling the Aristo knuckle remotely, but their site says the LGB remote unit will do this.
Kadee's work great on my outdoor track. Most are body mounted.

If Kadee's uncouple on my RR, then my SD-45's and my RDC will derail at the same place.

Level track is necessary for the long and 3 axle equipment to run properly as well as the kadee couplers.
1 - 3 of 76 Posts
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