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I switched to Kadees sometime in the mid 50s and never regretted it, so when I came
to LS in the early 90s and found a hodge-podge of oversized, non-compatible, an
unreliable junk being used for couplers, I knew right where to go to solve that
problem... Besides all the above good reasons to switch to Kadees, let me offer
another... U've all no doubt noticed that the 2 major 1/29 mfgrs R putting mounting
pads compatible with 830 Kadees on their rolling stock these days, do U really think
that their only intention is to accomodate Kadee ?? Could it be that Kadee's patents
R expiring on their LS couplers, and we'll soon see a flood of Kadee compatible
look-a-likes from the mfgrs and the aftermarket ??? Just like we did in HO 10-15 years
ago!!! The sooner
the better as far as I'm concerned...
Paul R...
1 - 1 of 76 Posts
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