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I have 6 K-line G gauge GP-9 motor blocks kicking around waiting for me to find a use for them. BUT they have a problem and I was wondering if anyone has a good idea how to fix them. The axels slip into a sleved gear. Much the same as USA trains motor blocks.
The problem; the axels slip inside the geard sleve. I'm looking for ideas how to fix this problem.
What do you think?
Little Paulie, [email protected]

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I've had the same problem.... Paulie... You can fix them by drilling a 1/16 inch hole all the way through the gear collar and axle and insert a 1/16th roll pin. However, you must keep the wheelset gauged properly during the drilling. The axles can walk and narrow the gauge. I've done that fix on my GP-38's and U-25's. It all started 'way back about 9 years ago when we kept breaking the Bachmann drive axles.

Contact Barry at Barry's Big Trains for more input. :)
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