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Jon, it is big and beautiful and worthy of lust. BUT, it just plain won't clear tall switchstands on Sunset Valley turnouts unless they are equipped with the extra long switchstand mounting ties. I'm sure because I set it on one of Pete Comley's new turnouts and there just wasn't any clearance for the target switchstands unless the engine wouldn't "waddle" and unfortunately it does. If your track has ground throws, no problem. BTW Cliff guessed that the whistle valve used to send steam to the tender to warm the fuel would be dropped from the finished models. But with a boiler that is 3-1/2 inches in diameter, it hauls a lot of water and takes a good long time to get up to pressure. There is no axle pump and no tender pump. It's just a standard Accucraft K in that regard. Still spits too much steam oil on the pretty paint and trim parts.

They ran it real slow and occasionally fast enough to show that it could do that too. They are still doing the same through the flues lubricator and all the cab fittings were the normal ones -- except for the tender warmer I mentioned earlier.

It looks outstanding in front of a set of San Juans!

Ross Schlabach
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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