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K-36 #480 turns aruond on the wye in Silverton

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June 2008
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Great videos of #478 in your other post and now #480! Nice incidental shot of the crew turning the speeder. Thank you for posting these.:D
Hopefully I posted these pics correctly. I took my son, Grant aboard the cab of #480, so he could see the fire in the firebox. The fireman gave Grant a piece of coal right out of the tender, which he now displays on his dresser. The coal can be seen in his pocket, second photo.



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You're a cool Dad who takes his son to see these relics up close and personal. He can pass his memories down for future generations.:cool:
Thanks Gary:D Glad you liked the posts. This was Grants second trip to Durango. This time it was just me and Grant. he is a good traveler.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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