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K-27 video - performance test

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Despite rumors that I "never" run trains (spread by Jason Kovac LOL) I had the K-27 out last night for some testing of various mods & tune-ups. I've done a lot of work to the suspension (to get the drivers to contact the track better). To test this I loaded all the AMS cars I had available at the time (18) and tested the pulling power. I experienced 0 driver slippage, although the track was dry, so I still wont know about the oiled track you come across at meets... Also we had valve timing and teflon piston rings installed by Tiple R Services.
Anyway, here is the video:
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Rod- For some reason my K-27 (lucky me) came with way, way, too much weight on the trailing truck. The trailing truck was bottomed out and some of the drivers were suspended enough to slide paper under them!! See this old topic for details -


I see you posted to that topic as well. Once you get the drivers pinned down she can pull like a tractor. It should, I weighed the engine wet yesterday and she weighed in at 27 lbs for the engine, and 10 lbs for the tender.

Noel - Yes, the reality you get with live steam is second to none! From the first hiss of steam the day I got my FWRR Ruby, I knew I mine as well pack up the electric stuff.

Alan - I plan to be there. Hope to see your CF.

Ryan - Thanks for the help. It shouldn't be too long until I break something else LOL. Addicted? I can always stop if I need to. I'm in control. I don't have a problem... Sound like an addict? LOL. See you at IE&W for sure.
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I was working on the K-27 back then .... then the K-28 arrived and the K-27 was parked for a while.... so now I'm trying to finish the K-27 upgrades & fixes. To name a few:

Replace cracked sight glass (damaged during shipment)
Replace kinked lube/steam pipe
Replace bent throttle housing so now it seats and shuts off/stops :)
Install hand pump in tender & check valve to boiler
Install Tender heater W/ globe valve adjustment
Install protypical tender connections (under side of cab to under side of tender with quick disconnects)
Regauge trailing truck
Disassemble entire gas system and clean per Kevin O'connor method.
RC throttle (gear and chain), RC J-bar, RC head lamp
install rechargable RC battery in tender dog house
grind .050" off all pedestal binders
Remove one spring out of drivers 1 & 2, leave 3 in driver #3, and add 3 new presicion heavy duty ones on driver #4
Add heavier springs to tender truck to eliminate easy side to side tilt (like C-19 tender).
Retime valve gear, hone cylinders, add teflon piston rings.
Sleeve burners to eliminate howl.
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Posted By Kovacjr on 09/05/2008 6:25 PM
Hey you didnt include my new trestle in the video.. I also see you didnt run fast over the trestle like with my K28 woah Gondolas over the side filled to the top with 2-3" delaware river rock. I guess we did have a bit too much weight since I tore the coupler apart too.

You'll see the K-27 cross your trestle in the last secene of the video. I have a great still pic of it crossing as well but I can't get to my darn 1st class space to post it! /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/crazy.gif

I think if we had a video of your "Casey Jones" run last weekend with your super power K-28 people would be playing it over and over. /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/hehe.gif
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If it is my video I'm sorry to hear that, but I have no idea why it's not working for you....???
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