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K-27 video - performance test

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Despite rumors that I "never" run trains (spread by Jason Kovac LOL) I had the K-27 out last night for some testing of various mods & tune-ups. I've done a lot of work to the suspension (to get the drivers to contact the track better). To test this I loaded all the AMS cars I had available at the time (18) and tested the pulling power. I experienced 0 driver slippage, although the track was dry, so I still wont know about the oiled track you come across at meets... Also we had valve timing and teflon piston rings installed by Tiple R Services.
Anyway, here is the video:
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David, your engine is looking good, but I have to say that all the K27's I have encountered have been extremely powerful pullers without modification. A friend runs his with 10 wagons each carrying a house brick.
David, Apologies, the old post was so long ago that I did not realise this was the same engine, and thought that you had done more than just easing the truck loadings :)
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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