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K-27 video - performance test

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Despite rumors that I "never" run trains (spread by Jason Kovac LOL) I had the K-27 out last night for some testing of various mods & tune-ups. I've done a lot of work to the suspension (to get the drivers to contact the track better). To test this I loaded all the AMS cars I had available at the time (18) and tested the pulling power. I experienced 0 driver slippage, although the track was dry, so I still wont know about the oiled track you come across at meets... Also we had valve timing and teflon piston rings installed by Tiple R Services.
Anyway, here is the video:
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Instead of running the movie right from the MLS post, right click on the url, then Save Target AS... and put the target on your desktop. Close MLS, then run the movie. I think your're just running out of memory.
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