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K-27 in Arizona!

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This is my first film edited with iMovie HD and the first upload to YouTube. I shot it with my Sony still digital camera on the movie setting. The Bachmann K-27 is pulling a short local freight load (all AMS rolling stock, weathered by me as is the locomotive. I shot this on the large scale outdoor layout at the Arizona Model Railroading Society in Glendale Arizona. I tried to make it look as real as possible, but some rookie mistakes crept in. Better luck next time. I hope it meets with your approval. Thanks.


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Great job on the weathering! I haven't seen too many weathered K-27s yet, for as many people who bought them.

Thank you for not panning and zooming! [:D] It made the video oh, so much easier to watch. I'll offer one word of advice for next time: Tripod. Radio Shack sells a rather cool bendable one which is just great for sitting on uneven surfaces.

Post some still shots of your loco when you get a chance. I want to see the weathering in detail. (And forgive me if you have already--just point me in the right direction.)


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