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Let me start by sending a huge thank you to Fletch.  When I started this hobby 2 years ago, I never thought I'd enjoy scratch building as much as I do.  I could never undertake a project like this without the hard work put forth by the master.  I hope the lack of builders does not persuade you from this type of project because it's right up my alley. Perhaps it's due to the lack of Indies' ...

I'm building the 2-6-0 with 3 domes and the Congdon stack.  I have followed the Chapter I instruction for the 2-6-0 and everything fits perfectly.  I had some issues with glueing the boiler wraps.  First, I tried epoxy but it didn't hold.  Then I tried CA but it left tumors where it collected under the wrap.  Besides, it's best not to use CA to hold parts that are under tension.  Eventually, I found this:

It's a little runny and it sets up quickly but designed to glue dissimilar plactics like PVC and styrene.

I won't delve into issues covered well by other builders but want to show some of my freelancing.  I thought I'd make a wood cab and nothing suggests wood like - well, wood.

The dimmesions are slightly different from the templates.  I used sketchup to do the detailed design.  I talked about it in a previous post.  It is free and out of the box, provides the ability to do incredibly detailed designs in 3D. You can rotate the model in 3D and get a real view of the finished product.

In addition, you can export parts of the design into jpgs.

You can see a jpg for every piece of every layer in my First Class Web Space.  If you download and install Sketcthup, you can see/download the entire cab design.

I'm also building wooden running boards.  When I finish out the boiler details and start assembling, I'll post more pictures.


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Hi John,

Nice and good looking work on your cab, its a complicated little thing isn't it!

Another thing to use as a glue can be varnish, or an impact style glue which is what I use for (painted paper) boiler bands. I am in the UK, and I use 'Evo-stik, and lay them on as soon as I have applied the glue.

A good cheap and fast drying (20 minutes) varnish which also works on plastic 'glass' is Johnson's Future - thats right the stuff that is for use on Kitchen floors; it is an acrylic varnish, and quite strong.

They are later varnished down to ensure that they stay put.

Don't forget to cut some clear plastic for the windows by the way, its much easier to get the measured whern the pieces are flat! The rear ones can of course slide add some plastruct fineline styrene channel for them to slide in.

Thanks for the photos, and I look forward to your next photos.
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