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Robert, it's the sticky foil duct tape, as you mention. Great stuff, and the adhesive is darned good even in direct sunlight. I prime it with regular primer before I paint it, and that seems to hold on very nicely. I get the occasional nick on the edge if the car rolls over, but from regular handling, it's been great.

Torby, the mail contracts were often the only things keeping many railroads operating. They were the genesis of many strange contraptions as the railroads' fortunes started to wane and running a locomotive and one car became too expensive; the famous Galloping Geese being but one example. Some railroads simply used little speeders to carry the mail in the later years. The stations often served the purpose of the local post office. There are still some locales today where traveling to the local post office is the only way to send and receive mail.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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