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Yeah, I'm with Del. We are a small group, relative to the other scales. And not really that well understood. I don't know how many times I've tried to explain the whole large scale concept to a layman, only to be met with a vacant stare. Model railroading and HO, that they get. But G and F? Outdoors? Along those lines, I would question whether it's money that constricts the growth of large scale. If you look at the price of good equipment in say, HO, you'll find it's not that far off from F or G. In the latest MR, there's a promo for an HO gauge D&RGW long caboose that costs $119, I believe. Not cheap for something that small. And have you ever priced some of the finescale crafstman kits? I could buy a lot of styrene for that. When I look at the reduced price of a Bachmann Connie, or even a Mike, I feel we're getting some bargains, given the size of the product.

One more thing: many of these HO, N and O-scale guys have huge, elaborately detailed layouts with hundreds of feet of track, lots of rolling stock (I've seen car listings in the hundreds), dozens of locos (some with DCC), and countless other geegaws. That spells money in any scale.

In the high-performance automotive world there's a saying: "Speed costs money: how fast do you want to go?"
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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