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1/10th Scale 1875 Locomotive completly 3D printed.
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I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing color match issues with Badgers Weathered Black?
Here is what I am dealing with.
Bought a weathering set of paints off Amazon, and used the two blacks within the set to paint parts on my locomotive.
Had to purchase more weathered black, so I did a search using the name and part number for Weathered Black.
I also matched the color with the chart off of Badgers website to make sure I was getting the proper color.
Ordered one bottle from a hobby shop, once it arrived, I noticed it did n't match the color. The paint color match another black type on the chart, and another bottle I had open. It matched Grimy Black, so I contacted the hobby hop, thinking it was a mismarked bottle. They would not replace it, and directed me to contact Badger, which I did, and have not heard back.
In need, so I ordered some more from another supplier. Once recieved, I found that it was the same mismatch. It didn't match the color I had already painted on the model, and it also didn't match the color swatch on badgers website.
The two black colors are very different, but I keep getting Weathered Black that looks like Grimy Black.

Anyone else having this experience?
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