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Looking for an opinion/help. My layout has been in place for a little over 2 years, outside in the weather with no problems. Although I bring my locomotives inside most of the time, the rest of my equip remains outside. My tracks run under the house therefore parking out of the weather is not a problem. Recently a new family moved in next door. I have caught thier kids in my yard several time. They have succeded in tearing up a few things and cutting my childrens trampoline. They have been asked not to come over of course but it doesn't seem to help. They know the train is there. They have asked to see it run. It is way too much trouble to bring in the rolling stock after every use. Even if I did bring them in, the track and structures are still there. I guess I need some type of insurance. I called my insurance office and they said that my homeowners may not cover. Is there some type of policy avalible for my trains. How and where do I find it. Does it cover neighborhood brats.;)/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/cry.gif I am almost ready to get a Pitbull!!!!!!!!
If anyone has this already, are you happy with the coverage? What are your opinions about this problem???

Tallapoosa and Southern
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I have an X10 type video camera in a window beside my front door. I intended to use it to see who was at the door. The video signal is transmitted via RF (2.4Ghz) to a receiver by the TV, but I have to throw a coax switch to see on my TV what is on the porch. I can also connect it to a VCR to keep a recording of what happens on the porch.

I tried it for a while but since it is battery powered it won't run for very long (couple of hours at best). (I have no electrical power even close to the place where it is best situated so it has to be battery power, at least for the time being.)

The kids in the neighborhood seem to have found it very quickly, but I really don't understand how, it is on the window sill of a narrow window and mostly hidden by the curtains and mullions of the window. Anyway, occurrences of minor vandalism initially went down! I was pleased. :)

Unfortunately, they almost just as quickly discovered that it is not presently actually working and incidences of vandalism increased again. I think one of them dared another to do something just so they would get caught, but because it is not working I didn't catch them, so it has escalated. /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/angry.gif

If you put up a video camera I recommend against the fake ones. Put a real one in and keep a VCR recording all the time, even when you are at home. Use a second VCR to rewind the tapes (saves wear and tear on the one recording all the time) and review them when you notice something amiss in the yard. Three tapes are all that are necessary, one recording while the last one used is rewound and reviewed, and one to replace the one with evidence on it.

If you have a spare PC with a video input you can get some software that records only one frame every few seconds. Then you don't have the headache of reviewing hours and hours of video that show nothing, and the video files are much smaller. There is also software that can detect motion and record full video only while something is moving. Evidence can then be transfered to DVDs to send to your neighbors!

I will be going the PC route when I get power over to my camera. Then maybe my porch furniture will stay put and maybe I can catch the person that lets their dog rummage through the trash bag by the curb on collection day.
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