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maerklin / lgb is insolvent / bankrupt
news of today in germany
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great, we are up to 3 separate threads on this...
quit feeding the monkeys!!!!Hee hee lol the Regal
Maybe they will go away???
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everything fine ,thanks.
but i was the first with the bankrupty story
Yeah, the other thread reported insolvent on the 2nd. That's why you could have just added to the existing thread on the 4th.

If it means a lot to you to be "FIRST" with the next step in the insolvency that was already reported, then you would have started your own thread.

Ahh... you did....

That was my complaint.

OK, just like when K-mart declared bankrupsy then after getting out of paying their bills bought Sears,  Just does not make sense to me...That is one of the reasons that I refuse to do business with K-mart......
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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