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Info re Bachmann K-27 from owners

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I'm beginning to lust after the Bachmann K-27 but have several concerns that you pioneering owners might be able to help me with. I am in a small town in the mountains of Colo and do not even have access to a hobby shop to look at one. From reading the threads, it appears that Bachmann has now solved most if not all the serious design issues. 1) Am I correct on this?

Unfortunately, I have several curves on my layout where I had to use 8' diameter track. 2) Will the K-27 easily take 8' diameter without larger diameter transition track?

Finally, I had to quit using a Bachman Annie on my Aristo stainless 4 years ago as I am convinced that some sort of electrolysis occurred between the cast drivers on the Annie and the stainless track: required serious cleanup every 10 minutes of operation to the point of serious frustration. (I had no problem with the turned steel drivers of my LGB locos.) Of course, that was just on DC, not DCC which I am presently using. 3) Does the K-27 have power pickup thorough the drivers or throuch a 'shoe' a la LGB? 4) Are the drivers of the K-27 cast rather than turned? 5) Has anyone with stainless track experienced unusual black deposit on stainless while using the K-27?

6) Any recommendations of DCC decoders for ease of installation on the K-27?

Thanks for your input, guys!
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Roll on the Mallet????

Chomp Chomp Chomp.
Don't worry Josh.

Catch him out with one load of BS the story can and will change faster than your head can spin to another slightly different load of old cobblers.

That is why we love Stanley so much, and why I have kept a record of every of bit of correspondence he has ever sent me. Some of it is very illuminating.
..........because it might just be open to interpretation if it looks like being caught out in facts.
I don't want any more slot trains.
Hi Duncan.

In order.

Posted By Dougald on 09/16/2008 4:08 PM
SNIP For me, it needs only the drivers locked to reduce the slop and the electronics tossed so battery RC (and lighting) can be installed. SNIP
Regards ... Doug

Not necessarily so Doug.

My RCS and EVO PnP-3BK R/C controllers simply plug into the existing Bachmann electronics.
They interface flawlessly and have a built in inversion transistor so the chuff timing will work as designed.
Posted By bobgrosh on 09/16/2008 5:04 PM
OK, So Tony LIKES the DCC socket and I tossed mine.
The world must be coming to an end.

Not quite LIKE Bob. More, tolerate.

With a little help from Phoenix I figured out a way to make the optical chuff work properly and then incorporated the design into the RCS/EVO PnP-3BK.
I guess battery R/C users are lucky in that they don't have to worry about the inrush currents DCC users have to worry about.

BTW, I would much rather have had a set of sensibly wired screw terminals.
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Thanks for telling it like it is.

It won't be long before you are "persona non grata" too.
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