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Info re Bachmann K-27 from owners

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I'm beginning to lust after the Bachmann K-27 but have several concerns that you pioneering owners might be able to help me with. I am in a small town in the mountains of Colo and do not even have access to a hobby shop to look at one. From reading the threads, it appears that Bachmann has now solved most if not all the serious design issues. 1) Am I correct on this?

Unfortunately, I have several curves on my layout where I had to use 8' diameter track. 2) Will the K-27 easily take 8' diameter without larger diameter transition track?

Finally, I had to quit using a Bachman Annie on my Aristo stainless 4 years ago as I am convinced that some sort of electrolysis occurred between the cast drivers on the Annie and the stainless track: required serious cleanup every 10 minutes of operation to the point of serious frustration. (I had no problem with the turned steel drivers of my LGB locos.) Of course, that was just on DC, not DCC which I am presently using. 3) Does the K-27 have power pickup thorough the drivers or throuch a 'shoe' a la LGB? 4) Are the drivers of the K-27 cast rather than turned? 5) Has anyone with stainless track experienced unusual black deposit on stainless while using the K-27?

6) Any recommendations of DCC decoders for ease of installation on the K-27?

Thanks for your input, guys!
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Going back to something stated about the top speed of this locomotive being twice the prototype to satisfy the 'masses'.

If they spent all that time and money getting the details of the K-27 correct, it stands to reason that the top speed should also be correct.

For this model, the majority of the users report they run the locomotive at prototype speeds. In fact, if someone off the street bought this engine, I would imagine it would be to run it at prototype speeds pulling prototype consists. It is simply a huge locomotive. The gearbox is clearly a mistake to me. I've only seen this engine run a few times, but it was at what looked like proto speeds. But I guess in order to keep from having to replace everyone's gearboxes, they can't officially admit they made an error. Incidentally, I haven't noticed their Shays or the other geared locos running at 30 MPH, so why the change for this loco? I really hope that the new Mallet doesn't come painted for Acela, but then, the LGB Mikado was made in SP Daylight, so who knows.

My Bachmann 4-4-0 seems to run awfully fast, on the top end. However, on the bottom end, she really can creep where my Aristo locos will shudder.

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Do you ever miss the good old days of those little LGB field locos?!!

I really find it hard to believe that the old Keep It Simple, Stupid, has been so lost on this project. Does anyone know if this crap has been put in the new release of the 4-4-0?

If you read Bob's posts carefully, he had to use a variety of DCC decoders before finding ones that would work. That sounds like the opposite of DCC ready. I don't think he really likes taking things apart to fix them right out of the box. Remember the problems he had with those LGB field locomotives? The gyst of those was that he was getting brand new LGB locomotives that would fail the first time he put them on the tracks. He has moved to bigger power since then, but it seems his troubles with out of the box trains persist. And then, to add insult to injury, his experience is completely dismissed. His story is too ridiculous to be made up.

Its kind of like how I know way too much about the workings of a Volkswagen, and not because I am an engineer.

Maybe the DC filter fell out during shipping. Did you check the box? Maybe it escaped through that hole in your tender.
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