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Info re Bachmann K-27 from owners

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I'm beginning to lust after the Bachmann K-27 but have several concerns that you pioneering owners might be able to help me with. I am in a small town in the mountains of Colo and do not even have access to a hobby shop to look at one. From reading the threads, it appears that Bachmann has now solved most if not all the serious design issues. 1) Am I correct on this?

Unfortunately, I have several curves on my layout where I had to use 8' diameter track. 2) Will the K-27 easily take 8' diameter without larger diameter transition track?

Finally, I had to quit using a Bachman Annie on my Aristo stainless 4 years ago as I am convinced that some sort of electrolysis occurred between the cast drivers on the Annie and the stainless track: required serious cleanup every 10 minutes of operation to the point of serious frustration. (I had no problem with the turned steel drivers of my LGB locos.) Of course, that was just on DC, not DCC which I am presently using. 3) Does the K-27 have power pickup thorough the drivers or throuch a 'shoe' a la LGB? 4) Are the drivers of the K-27 cast rather than turned? 5) Has anyone with stainless track experienced unusual black deposit on stainless while using the K-27?

6) Any recommendations of DCC decoders for ease of installation on the K-27?

Thanks for your input, guys!
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Hmmmm........I was wondering what was happening with the K-27 over at Bachmann! I, too, had my K-27 modified by Dave Goodson and I had him shim the counterweights (the fix before the replacement weights were available) shim the 1st and 4th drivers (by the way, NO derailments and the K tracks properly!) change out the headlights and the classification lamps (much better!) fix the door so it opens properly, rip out most of the electronics including the "supersocket" and install one of those tried and true "Jurassic Park" RCS r/c units with a Soundtraxx Sierra digital sound system and powered by NiMH batteries. My K-27 #463 is now the flagship of my fleet and it runs spectacularly!

DCC may indeed prove to be the wave of the future. Maybe someday I'll try it but for now I am satisfied with having my trains run when and where I want them to without having to worry about dirty track, polarity, amperage overload, computer interfaces, etc....

I'll say this one last time. Dave Goodson is THE expert where the issues of electronics and mechanical innards of Bachmann's products are concerned. He has time and time again devised "fixes" for each and every one of Bachmann's Spectrum locomotives and he has done this for the good of the hobby. He's not looking for a legacy! His reviews in Garden Railways were always scrupulously impartial but certain individuals at Bachmann were afraid of what he would publish about the K and more importantly, the "Super Socket" and so he was essentially "blacklisted" by Bachmann!! Dave may no longer be doing any reviews but I won't buy another new Bachmann engine unless he first goes over it and "debuggs" the thing!
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Yikes! No one can say you didn't give it the "Good 'ol college try!!" Too bad all that hard work didn't pay off in the end. Funny, I always thought that a locomotive should run correctly out of the box and not need someone with an electrical engineering degree to make it work. As I understand it, the optical chuff doesn't work with most sound systems without modification. Now how did that come about? I've heard rumors that the circuits are reversed in some instances.... If this is indeed the case why wasn't it caught before the K was sent out to the public?
I also heard a rumor that the gear ratio problem was actually NOT a problem.....until they changed from a double head worm gear to a single head and they didn't halve the gearing (or something to that effect.) Again, it sure sounds as if there was a screw up and somebody is desperately trying to cover it up.....
Unfortunately, you're probably right. It would be just like Bachmann to infer the wrong "lesson" from the K-27 incident! What ticks me off about it is that it was so unnecessary! We give Stanley a lot of grief for what we perceive to be his contributions to this mess (in my opinion with good cause!) but this project was doomed for troubles from the very beginning! Marketing and product developement were NOT on the same page even to the "leaking" of the information at a train show (remember the picture?) and the litany of "mistakes and bad judgement goes on and on...
Before you roll your eyes and *sigh* again, I LOVE my K-27!! Bachmann came out with a beauty and the wait was worth it....for me! I had Caboose Hobbies send it directly to Dave Goodson for an RCS installation and for "fixing" all the little problems before I ever even saw it! The point is Bachmann should have taken the time to address these issues BEFORE they ever let one out to the public!! The K needed to be a "Grand Slam" and it wasn't but it's NOT because of the decision to make a model of a Colorado prototype!!!
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