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Info re Bachmann K-27 from owners

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I'm beginning to lust after the Bachmann K-27 but have several concerns that you pioneering owners might be able to help me with. I am in a small town in the mountains of Colo and do not even have access to a hobby shop to look at one. From reading the threads, it appears that Bachmann has now solved most if not all the serious design issues. 1) Am I correct on this?

Unfortunately, I have several curves on my layout where I had to use 8' diameter track. 2) Will the K-27 easily take 8' diameter without larger diameter transition track?

Finally, I had to quit using a Bachman Annie on my Aristo stainless 4 years ago as I am convinced that some sort of electrolysis occurred between the cast drivers on the Annie and the stainless track: required serious cleanup every 10 minutes of operation to the point of serious frustration. (I had no problem with the turned steel drivers of my LGB locos.) Of course, that was just on DC, not DCC which I am presently using. 3) Does the K-27 have power pickup thorough the drivers or throuch a 'shoe' a la LGB? 4) Are the drivers of the K-27 cast rather than turned? 5) Has anyone with stainless track experienced unusual black deposit on stainless while using the K-27?

6) Any recommendations of DCC decoders for ease of installation on the K-27?

Thanks for your input, guys!
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"True you do not like the top end speed but that is a marketing decision they have made."
Marketing? Is that how they finally spun it? I was always told (including AT the Bachmann booth) that the gearing was a mistake - that someone at Bachmann listened to a "consultant" from the East Coast and by the time anyone else caught his mistake, it was too late and K-27's were coming off the line in China.
"Many of us in the community had pleaded for years for Bachmann to produce a large locomotive."

Yes, many of us did... and when they agreed, you came riding in, pushed Goodson out of the way, and flat out managed to F'up what otherwise would have been a great engine and a home run for Bachmann! If I were China - I'd be suing your ass off Stan!! If I was H. Lee Riley I'd be disavowing as loud as possible having ever even known you!

Wanna know a little secret? Let me fill you in... (Hey Bud, are you watching this? H. Lee? Ray? Doug? Let's make sure EVERYONE is paying attention here... because this is VERY, VERY important. Mr. Kenneth Ting Woo-shou, sir - I hope you are reading this... as I also hope you are as well Mr. Ivan Ting Tien-li. In fact, it's been said that Bachmann folks monitor all of the Internet forums when it comes to poor reviews and postings about their products... so here goes...)

I own one K-27. Onboard the Queen Mary, when the K-27 was announced, I stood at the Bachmann booth and said I would buy THREE of them.

The reason I own only one K-27 is simple. It is because of Mr. Stanley Ames Jr.'s involvement with the development of the locomotive.

Not the cost. Not the economy. Not availability.

No, the reason I have yet to purchase a second and third engine is that I, like many people, am waiting for the second, "corrected" run of K-27s to be produced.

You see gentleman, you have a MARKETING problem. I hate the "super socket" - I hate having to pay for it, I hate the confines it has backed me into, I hate that I had to PAY MORE after buying the engine to "work around" it. So imagine my relief when Ray Buteux began telling folks that a second, updated run of K-27's would be coming 2008/2009. No more INCORRECT red marker lights. (and Stand, I'm going to go ahead and preempt your B.S. about "running backwards" - don't even try that crap here)... Screw terminals for RC use... Corrected Fan... oh... and of course that oh-so-little-teeny-tiny little problem of BROKEN COUNTER WEIGHTS THAT PREVENT THE ENGINE FROM MOVING...

All of the things that said to me (and to MANY other people) "Wait! Don't buy anymore engines from the first, maligned, run - wait for the next run!"

So you see gentleman, the first mistake was allowing your "consultant" to mess with what could have been... what SHOULD have been the greatest single engine to have ever been produced in 1:20.3. The engine that all of us had cried and begged for...

Gentleman - your sales are not suffering due to the economy, or miscalculation on market share... no. Your sales are suffering because we are all waiting for the second generation of engines that no longer suffer the scars of forced DCC integration, loud as a jet engine cooling fan, cross your fingers that the drivers don't lockup, fast as a bat out of ****, and for the sake of all that is holy, don't look directly into the lights: they're as gaudy as a ten dollar whore's Christmas tree, consulting!

Mr. Ting Woo-shou, I like your products sir, and I want... I really, really want to buy more of them and the best way you can get me to do so is to FIRE Stanley Ames Jr. Don't for one second longer allow him to continue to alienate and drive away customers like myself by advising you on product development he knows nothing about.

And - again in the interest of a preemptive strike - if Mr. Ames cannot be "fired" if, as he claims, he is not an employee (though Bachmann people keep saying he is - ****, Mr. Riley boasted that fact to many in Arizona) then sir, I highly encourage you to FIRE H. Lee Riley, the man who brags at train shows he's "hired" Mr. Ames.
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