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Info on Sean K.

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I thought I'd pass this along for those of you who know our friend and MLS member Sean Klinetobe.
I found out hes in the horsepital getting a "tune up" He has CF and has lost weight so the Doc said he'll be there for couple of weeks.
He does have his lap top so hes reading MLS so I have to watch what I say ,,hehehe.
Maybe he can fill us in more on the details.
heres a photo, hes in the middle, hes 18.

Sean is a good friend and club member for years.
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Sean....jump into chat at night...we'd love to chat with you again. Hope ya get better real soon.
And Marty....THANK YOU for starting this thread. It's very nice to see how our community pulls together...and we wouldn't have know had you NOT started this thread. Thanks again.
1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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