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:)Imagination Station Kids on Track is a G and HO scale model railroad and train safety program out of E. Helena, Montana. We set up model railroad displays with interactive activities and train operations for children and their families across the west coast and Northwest areas at no cost to anyone in the past 26 plus years. Over 6 million children and their families have gone through this program in that time.
We set up displays at children's homes, schools, pediatric hospitals, churches, clubs, fairs, public events and train shows. We not only allow kids a rare opportunity to run trains but we also educate the kids and adults in railroad safety.
We just wanted to share the program again on this site since we haven't posted here in a long while. You can view these photos and many others on modeltrainforum.com or on other Internet sites.
Feel free to check out our videos under, Imagination Station Kids on Track or user name railroadinovations, on YouTube also.
All the best to all the model Railroaders out there (all scales) and remember, whenever you get the chance, share your hobby with young people and you'll help keep the model railroad hobby alive through our next generations for years to come! :D
Many thanks to all the model train corporations and their donations of product to our program and for all the free giveaways for kids, families and the general public over the years.

Here are a few links to our YouTube videos. Check out the rest of our videos by clicking on our name on YouTube.

Ken c / o Imagination Station Kids on Track Model Railroad And Train Safety Program
[email protected]


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