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Image Posting Test

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This is a test. I have tried several times since the refit to post a couple of photos. I hope I have finally figured it out.

I am not very computer savy.

Can someone explain how I can change image size or at least what size is required to post. I have a new Kodak Easyshare camera and I believe the images are to large to post.

Image exceeds 640 pixel max. width - converted to link. Mod.

Another test photo.

Sorry to use a post as a test but I was not sure how else to do it.

Tallapoosa and Southern RR
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First off, nice pictures of very nice equipment, thanks for sharing them.

Looks like you've got the process down pat, they both showed up in your posting, can't ask for better than that.

Regarding the guidelines/rules on images, the formal spec. is a maximum width of 640 pixels, and a maximum height of 480 pixels. the height isn't so important as the width. The main reason for the 640 pixel width is to help prevent having to scroll right & left just to read the replies because of a too wide image.

You didn't mention what operating system you are working from e.g. Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or something else, or which brand of browser you are using e.g. Microsoft/Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, or something else. Or the the software that your are using to copy your pictures off of your camera. So it's kinda of hard to advise you about resizing your images.

As it stands with what you've posted above both are not causing any problems. Just as a FYI (for your information) type thing.

The first image that you posted i.e. steam1.jpg.
[*]It measures 511 pixels wide x 466 pixels high [*]The file size is 113,570 Bytes [/list]

The second image posted i.e. loco.jpg
[*]It measures 768 pixels wide x 576 pixels high [*]The file size is 161,477 Bytes. [/list]

You may well ask how I came to know the above, if you point to one of the images with your mouse and right-click it. A context menu will display, at the bottom most likely you'll find the Properties item listed. Point to this item with your mouse and when highlighted left-click it. Now you will see what's called the Properties page for that image. two of the bits of information listed on the page are the file size (file size in Bytes) and the dimensions width and height in pixels. To clear/close the Properties page click the Cancel or OK buttons at the bottom of the page.

Even though one of the images exceed the width guidelines it shouldn't cause any problem, because niether will require left-right scrolling to read the thread, and should not cause one of the moderators to change them to links. The file size is a bit large (i.e. recommended 60K Bytes or less). This is mainly as a courtesy to individuals that are on slow dial-up modem connections.

If you'll give us some information regarding what software you working with then maybe we can help guide you through how to re-size the image and maybe compress (i.e. smaller file size in Bytes) the files a bit.

Hope the above is found to be of help.
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You might try to download a free small program called  "infranview"...   It has a simple way to change the Pix size and then upload it MLS.com.  If you want we can walk you thru it if you decide to get it..   /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/whistling.gif
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Thanks Steve. I have been experimenting a litle since the original post.  The pic of the GP 38 was taken with the new camera. I had resized using the paint program and was not sure of the out come. I have tried another picture, maybe it will work better. Here goes nothing.

Image exceeds 640 pixel max. width - converted to link. Mod.
To answer questions. I use Windows XP Home and Internet Explorer.

Image exceeds 640 pixel max. width - converted to link. Mod.

Tallapoosa and Southern RR
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Well another lesson learned. Paint is not the best way to resize. Not consistant. Noel I think I will try your suggested site. Eventually I will get this right. Either that or go back to using the old camera!!


 Tallapoosa and Southern RR

Whoa, them is some big'uns for sure. /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/hehe.gif

But hang on there a minuet, MS/Paint will work just fine.

Your picture of Savannah measures 922 pixels wide x 576 pixels high.

Load that picture into MS/Paint
[*]Next use Image menu > Attributes... item, and the following dialog will display. [/list]

Write down the width in pixels (i.e. 922)

Close the Attributes dialog with out changing any thing.

Open the MS/Calculator
[*]Divide 640 by 922 = 0.69414316702819956616052060737527 which is darn close to 70. [/list] [/list]

Switch back to MS/Paint
[*]Image menu > Stretch/Skew... item, and the following dialog will display. [*]In the Stretch - Horizontal & Vertical fields change the default value of 100 to 70 in both fields. [*]Click the OK button. [/list] [/list]

What you've just done is re-sized the image to 70% of its original size.

Next go back to the Image menu > Attributes... item.

You'll see that it now measures 646 w x 404 h

Click the Cancel button and close the dialog.

Use the File menu > Save to save the re-sized image.

Now you can upload that image to your MLS web space.

Notice MS/Paint provides no way to compress (i.e. reduce the number of bytes) the file size. for that you'll most likely need to get some additional software. For example IrfanView mentioned above is a good one and the best part it's free.
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Just trying another one.

My camera is taking pics at 3072 x 2304 pixels. After several attempts I opened into paint and changed both height and width to 20% and came up with 612 x 461. This should be fine for post. I hope./DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/unsure.gif
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Anything 640 pixels wide or below is fine. BTW, I noticed earlier that you have spaces in your filenames. This will ultimately cause you some heartburn. When uploading files for posting, it's best to avoid spaces and special characters in their filenames. Stick with letters, digits, the hyphen ( - ), and the underscore ( _ ). Anything else causes trouble. You can separate words with hyphens or underscores, or use combinations upper and lower case letters.

savannah on train can become...


When I converted the previous oversized photos to links, I had to change the spaces to %20 or they wouldn't have worked.

Just FYI. :)
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Steve Jeff, Please tell me how you get your fonts so large?? I can actually read them. I have tried all the usual ways(thetI know of) in Windows and IE7, but to no avail. Help if you can!! Thanks
Posted By billsharron on 01/13/2008 7:56 PM
Steve Jeff, Please tell me how you get your fonts so large?? I can actually read them. I have tried all the usual ways(thetI know of) in Windows and IE7, but to no avail. Help if you can!! Thanks


All of the posts that I make I use the full-text editor, because there I can select the font and the size that I want to use (i.e. Verdana & small).

I don't know just which operating system and browser you use. But, if it's MS/Windows of some flavor, and the browser is MS/Internet Explorer then may the following may help you out.
Text Size: Old Eyes Problem
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I had trouble figuring out font style and size to begin with but it is really quite simple.
*click on post a reply
*place mouse into posting area and click, this will leave a line in the box.
*click and select font and size.
*If you choose any setting first it will rest all fonts, sizes and colors when you click into box.
Hope that makes some since to you.:)
Tallapoosa and Southern RR
Steve and Jeff, Thanks for the info, and If this posts a little larger then it is a success, It is already working for me on other topics, It is great to be able to read MLS again.

Again I can't thank you enough!!! Cheers
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