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Was not sure where else to put this as this is quite appropriate. So now that I have finished moving into the new farm, I have unlimited space. Sure wish that my budget was!

I have three boxes of aristo flex and am getting 4 more and possibly 8 more. we shall see if the Intel bonus is as much as I hope. Anyway, I will be making several areas where there are towns and a few industrial areas. I will be separating them with long space in between (a dream of mine). So now I have to consider site preparation. I need to ensure that I have a good foundation for the track. I don't really wanna just lay the track on the ground (on top of roadbed) like I did before.

I will begin with a giant loop and get that in and running. Then I will begin laying switches and make things a little more interesting. Then yards and then some of the finishing stuff like a roundhouse.

Glad to be back.

Oh ya, DCC with the remote super cheif. 8 Amp version already in house.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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