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Photos from the iHoby expo in Chicago (Rosemont)

I didn't try to cover everything, but spent Saturday afternoon. Wow. R/C helicopters are a LOT different than they were 25 years ago :eek:

Let's see:

Big floor layout.

St. Aubins

Aristo's 2-8-0 is very nice. Look for it early 09.

Aristo's new railbender.

How do you like your eggs?

Aristo C16

E8 Invasion

Drool time!

I knew Steven P. in school. We were 12 when we first met. When bored, we'd sit around and assemble ground throws.

He says he doesn't have any G gauge throws yet.

Thomas was EVERYWHERE!


Build and Take

I don't think he minded sittin' in the corner.

Piko had a display


Marklin wasn't actually showing any G.

Lots of Bachmann!

MTH was there.

Pirate photo of Aristo C16's blind drivers.

Notice they're not touching the rail.

Lewis was there.

Lots for kids to do.

Minnie Mallets

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The little girl was doing the detailing, but Mom grabbed the shaker just before the camera tripped.

Bachmann's new crossing gates.

Was hard to photograph the cool loco. I liked it.

Aristo's new caboose.

I'm surprised I didn't take a picture of the new wide turnout. Much improved.

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Sunday at the Botanic

Lewis asked me for a photo of the Botanic's caterpillar eggliners.

My Mallet crosses a bridge.

And in front of 3 little kids.

Someone has reengineered Thomas!

I think I might have tried to preserve his appearance.

The kids didn't seem to notice.

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I think the difference is Chevy vs Mercedes. The Mercedes is definitely the better product, but Sophira has never failed to get me where I wanted to go. I'd say there's room in the market for both.
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