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If you have an NCE System - Radio Upgrade

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If you have an NCE system they are in the process of offering a Cab upgrade which improves the radio range and response times.

My understanding is this only affects the wireless aspects, so if you don't have wireless I don't think it will change anything.

Here is a link with more information:

NCE Upgrade
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Now if they would also do the "turn on" fix with the resistor, it would be great.

Regards, Greg
It's a resistor soldered to the board. Seems that the wake up state of the keyboard does not allow the processor to reset properly, a single resistor soldered in the right place fixes it...

Found it on the NCE forum... there's a reference to a site and the site owner goes into a detailed discussion of why it happens... wish NCE would incorporate the change. 


Regards, Greg
I only have the problem occasionally, but some of my friends have it more often. Reading the site, you see that since there are 4 contacts under the emergency stop switch, pressing on it from the side or top may make just 2 contacts close and avoid the problem.

My feeling is that it is a simple, inexpensive fix that has no downside. Hope it makes it into production soon.

The normal symptom is just not turning on.

If you have a situation where it turns on, but does not connect, that is a different problem. Normally resetting power to the command station clears that. If you have a power supply that "glitches" when it turns on, it can do this. I leave my system power on 7/24 so I rarely see this problem.

Regards, Greg
I'll be able to compare the mod and unmod units on next Saturday, will see how it works, because I have 3 base stations.

Regards, Greg
Hi Bob...

Both, 3 base stations, multiple cabs wired and radio.

The only negative is that the extended hearing of the radio cabs can be a problem when you are at a show, where there are multiple layouts, your cab now hears a number of other systems, which COULD result in resduced response time.

I've thought about the rechargeable option. That would have to add a charging circuit to the unit, which could be problematic on space. My thinking is that the unit runs so long on batteries that having the possibility of picking one up and not being able to use it because of low batteries is not of interest to me.

If it "ate" batteries I would have a different opinion. You also realize that the AAA alkalines have much more amp hours than any AAA rechargeables you can get?

Those factors combined with keeping a few sets of 4 AAA'a at the ready and swap out in 40 seconds keeps me happy that they are not rechargeables.

Regards, GReg
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I'll test that also, but I believe that is incorrect, apparently only the receive function is changed in the throttle, not the transmit function. I'll let you know. We will be testing Saturday.

Regards, Greg
Yep, astounding difference in range, and of course response time. It approximately doubled the range of the unit, and quickened the response time. The response time issue is because it is a bidirectional air interface, and your command is acknowledged and the display updated only after the command is received.

I will be converting them all.

Oh, had an unconverted one running at the same time as well as a wired one. No degradation of performance on any of the 3 throttles by using them together.

Regards, Greg
Talked to NCE today, if you get an RMA today, you have a date of about early July.

My friend called the Florida outfit, they said they had the parts and could do it immediately.. He sent it in the next day from Georgia, and 2 weeks later when he called about his unit (a week later than their estimate) they said they were out of parts. It took him over 3 weeks. No offense to the Florida site, but they did NOT have the parts when they said they did.

So, you pick. Call first.

Regards, Greg
Sounds like the Florida option is a better shot... it's now July and I will call NCE to see what the real turnaround is, I'm ready to have my other one upgraded.

Regards, Greg
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