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Can one of you moderators or Shad help me. I thought I still have first class status, maybe not. I can look at the 1 st class section, but not post. And can't get to my webspace. And the Ebay bar is still on the side. Maybe my upgrade has expired.

Thank You, Bryan Johnson

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From what you've described and the fact that there is no "1st Class Member" displayed directly below your User ID (Screen Name) in your replies the system doesn't recognize you as being a 1st Class Member.

You can check your MLS account status by the following path.
[*]MLS menu bar > Members menu > Upgrade to 1st Class [/list]

If you were a 1st Class member and your subscription has expired,  I believe that you should find the information there. Normally, as you approach your membership expiration date you'll receive multiple eMail notifications sent to the eMail address that you registered with MLS.

I personally know that part of the system is working because my expiration date is coming up in Feb. and I've received two notices from the new software.

If you were a 1st Class member and your membership has expired, please understand I don't know how the new software handles that, but I would think it wouldn't trash anything rather just not let you access it.

The other possibility is with the change over to the new software your account got lost in the process. If I'm not mistaken the only person that can actually answer your question is Shad. I would send him an eMail, MLS Private Message, or if you access his profile (by clicking his sceen name 'shadstrains' on any reply or topic he's posted) I believe he has one of the IM services also. You might also check the chat room he might be on-line there.

Sorry I can't do anything other than make suggestions.
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