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Posted By Semper Vaporo on 12/15/2008 12:25 PM
Just a silly question

Sooo.. my question... have the manufacturers ever thought of putting a FUSE in these things?


Astounding, as I found, 'they' do put 'fuses' in: small gauge wires. Now, I'm not speaking of B'manns especially, but of many devices--cars first among equals, that use small wires compared to the rest of the wires which carry current used by the given circuit. If an overload appears, poof! You get to take it to a mechanic/expert who will solder in the 'regular' sized wires, which will then conduct enough current to burn the snot out of the short-causing culprit. And perhaps the wire bundle too, if one is not living right. Jeeps were famous for this--and how I learned the above fact. The Bas---er, family site!

FWIW, I have a roll of Bussman Fuse wire. Looks like solder on a spool. 10 amp rated.

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