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I can't believet it! No endless GR Mag thread.

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....and just when I had decided to give up on them they just sent me the best issue yet.

The Kadee coupler story is very basic but if I hadn't found all this out myself that's the article I would have turned to. Just the right photos and not real technical. It's a hobby after all.

The master modeller clearly deserves it. Just the right story.

I can sometimes pass over the 'layout stories' and just check out the captions and pics. Not this one. Clearly not my type of railroad but I had fun reading every word because it was just so darn interesting. Great layout! Great fun.

The metal foil story was timely. I was going to try that when I say a similar article but this one convinced me I should have a try.

WOW! That CN GP38! What a great effort. I spent months building mine and I didn't even come close to the professionalism I can see in that model. Congratulations. Now I have to try again. @$&%%!?*%
On that topic: Now I KNOW there is a market out there for that cab. :D

I usually just file these magazines away after a quick look. This one will get dog eared on top of the pile.

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I am still eagerly awaiting my copy to arrive at my local newsagents along with its sister magazine Classic Trains. Our summer arrived just over a week ago so, like Tom, I am busy running trains. :D
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