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I can't believet it! No endless GR Mag thread.

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....and just when I had decided to give up on them they just sent me the best issue yet.

The Kadee coupler story is very basic but if I hadn't found all this out myself that's the article I would have turned to. Just the right photos and not real technical. It's a hobby after all.

The master modeller clearly deserves it. Just the right story.

I can sometimes pass over the 'layout stories' and just check out the captions and pics. Not this one. Clearly not my type of railroad but I had fun reading every word because it was just so darn interesting. Great layout! Great fun.

The metal foil story was timely. I was going to try that when I say a similar article but this one convinced me I should have a try.

WOW! That CN GP38! What a great effort. I spent months building mine and I didn't even come close to the professionalism I can see in that model. Congratulations. Now I have to try again. @$&%%!?*%
On that topic: Now I KNOW there is a market out there for that cab. :D

I usually just file these magazines away after a quick look. This one will get dog eared on top of the pile.

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I think the current issue is good, too. I'm working harder with plants this year and trying to make stuff out of garbage (OK, baby fomula cans) and GR is helping me with both of those aspects.

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