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Here in Cecil Co. MD, Hanna is just now moving out. We've been without power since mid morning, but not much wind until just recently. I went out and checked the rain guages, and they will hold 5 1/2" of water, both are overflowing, and they are out in the open where they can't get runoff from a roof or tree. We just got our electric back about 30minutes ago, but now we have no cable, so thank goodness for the internet!
I too went on the search for a generator, and the only one I could find was a 1000W, so hoping to be able to power the fridge (and not lose food like in Isabel), I brought it home, but it doesn't have enough umph to allow the compressor to run, but we at least could watch TV, that was until we lost cable.

I'll be getting a bigger generator once I find at least a 3500W, that should do me....I hope!

Any one up north, you're in for a real rain maker!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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