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How’bout a Mack bashed from a RADIO?

No kiddin’.. I bought a model of a CP Huntington of Evilbay that was advertised in the G scale section, what they didn’t say was while it was actually somewhere close to 1/32 scale it was a static model and on top of that a really old, very old, am/fm radio! The domes were the knobs and the bunker held the batteries. Well I mulled it over for a while, then tore it apart (sorry, no before pics) to see what parts I could salvage from it, after drawing a couple sketches I eventually hit on a bash using whats simply become my favorite large scale engine, a Mack, I had one from Gold Coast, only one he had at the time was a clear one, which I carved up and got:

I kept the interior simple, as it’s just a fun project

After a while I finally got around to painting it, weathering looks more subtle in person, flash tends to over emphisis it.

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