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Ocassionally there is a need to send large files, above the normal 10MB size that is the general limit. Yes it can be done by Skype which sends files direct, but another is avail;able and is from the following website 'www.sendthisfile.com' - and there is a free (it has limitations) version available.

I have no connection with the company, what they do is that the person with the file uploads it to a metaphorical 'bin' and then the company sends the intended recipient a note an a unique ID to get it.

Have a look at their site: you can register for a free account or get a larger (paid for) account.

My brother has just used it to me with a 54KB file which came down with no difficulty.

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I very rarely send files that small!!! I normally use FTP clients -my favourite I have to admit is; "CyberDuck". A std drawing file is around 250Mb. Before anyone explodes I have a dedicated 20Mb DSL line to my office desktop and we have a 144Mb sat uplink dish by the car park. Sometimes I wonder what happens to the pigeons who will insist on perching on the prime focus...


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