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Got a new in the box Climax, 2nd version, and while power pickup is good on both trucks, looks like power is not being delivered to the motor in the front truck.

So, I figured out I would pull the front truck and check the brushes on the little board that has the 4 sections and 4 brushes for motor and track.

Well, I pulled the bottom cover and there is the motor in the middle and a small board on top of it, and 4 brushes on the wheels all asking "release me so I can fly out and get lost".

Seemed to be dumb that you would have to disassemble the truck, so buttoned it back up.

Ah, looking at the chassis between the truck and the body, I found a couple of screws that you can get to by bringing a drive down between the wheel and sideframe... right near the bolsters that the truck rides on... nope, nothing got looser.

Sure looks like there is a single screw holding the truck in place... pulled the smokebox front out, and now I am staring at a small board and the smoke unit.. behind those I can see the 4 wires from the truck... but nothing obvious.

So, is there a secret? Do you need to pull the boiler off? Please remember this is the newer version and the trucks are indeed different looking at old pictures of the older trucks opened up.

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