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How to incorporate switch yard and round table.

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If you read my signature, you'll appreciate that my plans are never set until they're built. Even then plans change.

I built my mainline last summer and will be laying the parallel track in the next few weeks. For the short term I will stick with the two lines.

This link is the build log for where I am so far.

I am starting to plan my next phase of construction.
My original plan would have a resemblance to this drawing.
Handwriting Rectangle Slope Font Parallel

I have since put more thought into the layout, especially after seeing the current difficulty in getting to the inside of the layout to follow the trains around the loop.
I currently have no difficulty hopping over the structure. But I want the layout to be accessible and inviting to hobbyists of all levels of mobility, and to hedge against any possibility of my future mobility being limited.

I have drawn this possibly and would like input from others.
Handwriting Slope Rectangle Font Parallel
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The problem I found when thinking about a turntable, was how long to make it, and of course as it gets longer, it tends to take up a lot of space.
Since the friends that come over to run have locos like Big Boys and Challengers, I decided that I did not wish to use up the space, plus the complication of making a nice stable turntable, so went with a Wye, or triangular junction, instead, so after steaming up you can enter the track in either direction.
Also it is long enough so that a complete train can be turned when necessary.
Which of course is the next issue with a yard, or passing loop, is how long will the longest expected train be?
The answer is always longer than you expect!
As long as you enjoy there build.
All the best,
David Leech, Canada
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