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I'll second the comments on using YouTube; set yourself up with a free user account, then upload your video clip (10 minutes max duration, 1 GB. max file size) to YouTube (which may take a while
- even with broadband (Comcast) service, I find it typically takes about an hour at least
to succesfully upload a clip.

Once you've uploaded a clip to YouTube, you will see a box to the right of your video with 2 small rectangles marked "URL" and just below it one marked "EMBED". Highlight (hold your left mouse button down & scroll across) the entire string of computer "gibberish"
in the "Embed" box, then hit "Control C" on your keyboard (hold down the CTRL key on the far lower left, then hit C). This will "Copy" the embed code "gibberish" to your PC. When you go to post it here on MLS, hit the YouTube tool in the toolbar, then paste (either via Control V or right-click your mouse & then left-click on "Paste"). If you've done everything correctly, you should then see your video pop up in a box in your post like this (one of my more recent videos!

Definetly interested in seeing your Lahina, Kanaapali, & Pacific video - I've been there myself, NEAT little railroad!

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