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Posted By altterrain on 02/24/2008 8:11 AM
I think Del Tapporo's critter control system will do what you want.

My "Enhanced Critter Control" in its present form cannot do this. However, with the addition of IR Range finding devices like I use on my "Rail-Bot", it could certainly be programmed to stop the Eggliner at the grade crossing and wait for the train to pass. Of course this would require converting the Eggliner to battery power. But the nice thing about battery power and autonomous control systems (in my opinion) is it is easier in the long run to put some electronics in a loco than adding track wiring, sensors, and protecting it all from the weather, maintaining it, etc. With this modification, you would still have all the other Critter Control features available to you: back and forth trolley operation, as many station stops as you like in either direction, controlled and selectable accel and decel rates, speed control, etc.
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