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In lue of using MLS specific tags you can use the standard HTML tags:

1. Insert a link to a URL

(a href="http://www.mylargescale.com") MLS (/a)

replace "(" with "" I did this so you could see the tags.

2. Insert a link that shows a title versus the URL text

see #1, MLS will show instead of the URL

3. Insert a photograph (even though I know that the img stuff works)

(img src="http://www.mylargescale.com/Portals/0/images/logo/mlslogo.gif"/)

do the same replacement of ( and ) as in #1

4. Set a type font

(font SIZE=6 STYLE="font-family:Times New Roman")hello(/font)

same () replacement

5. Set a type size

See #4 SIZE attribute

6. Set Bold/italics/underline

(b)bold(/b) (i)italics(/i) (u)underline(/u)

these can be combined in any order also

(b)(i)(u)bold italics and underline(/u)(/i)(/b)

same () replacement
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