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We originally used the same system as Pete and drilled the barrel bolts right through. We got lazy after a while and now just drill one side deep enough to use a self-tapping screw. The piano wire spring can be bent in a couple of seconds with a pair of pliers. Here is a picture of the IPP&W’s standard switch throw.

A little silicon spray in the spring keeps them operating smoothly during the operating season.
This variation mounts in a little less space next to the rail.

This one passes under an adjacent track. A couple of small nails keep it from flexing. A plastic tube painted and hot glued to the road bed could replace the nails.

A choke cable mounted on the side of the bench work to throw an inaccessible switch. Note the fancy end of track device. It doesn't have to pretty, it just has to work.

A three way stub switch made with aluminum rail and acrylic sheet.

The throw is a simple brass handle pinned in an acrylic cube. Nails between the ties on the outside of the moving rails limit the travel of the switch to either side.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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