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Hobby growth question

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A recent discussion with club members who model in various scales brought up the suggestion that G scale (1/29th etc) was the only growth segment of the hobby. Is this so? Any actual numbers? Based on....?

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It's hard for me to believe there will be any growth in this hobby over the next five years--we look to be headed for a pretty serious recession. Hope I wrong.

I'm 48, and there area whole bunch of guys on my street younger than me who love the layout. They bring their kids, and as the kids are leaving I hear "Dad, can we have a train like that?" Will they build one themselves? I doubt it. The start up costs are shockingly high for what amounts to toy trains. True, in the long run it's not an expensive hobby, but the initial cost is a shocker. I would never have done this if we hadn't been given a bunch of LGB starter sets over the years.

If I were Aristo--good thing I'm not, as I have no head for business--I'd push hard on the starter set line, the way LGB once did. I wish 1:29 had never been invented, but I can see Lewis Polk's point--1:29 has a visual "pop" that 1:32 lacks. Yes, it's more toy-like, but that's what attracts newcomers, it seem to me. The LGB starter sets were toy-like too: they were charming. Serious hobbyists quickly grow past them, but you need to get people hooked.

Aristo should put some time into their 0-4-0--make it more durable, add sound, maybe work a few variations on it. It's a good looking little loco but it's a little flimsy I don't see it around the way I used to see LGB stuff
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